A Maintenance-Free Fireplace

A fireplace can be a beautiful addition to your home. It gives off light and heat and creates a unique, cozy ambiance that brings families together. But how are you feeding your fire? Wood, and even synthetic fire logs can be difficult to obtain—especially in urban settings—and require cleaning and maintenance. Pacific Hearth & Home, Inc. can offer you a better path to a fireplace you’ll love with one of our customized fireplace inserts.

A Modern Touch of Flame

Fireplace inserts are becoming all the rage in today’s market. Not only do they cost less—both in regard to money and effort—than a traditional fireplace, but they also make use of old masonry and extra space as a fantastic way to heat your home.

Fireplace inserts use a firebox surrounded by a steel shell to house the fire. The inserts can be fitted into new or existing spaces in your home’s interior and blended seamlessly with your decor aesthetic for a fire feature you and your guests will love.

Why Choose Our Fireplace Inserts

Pacific Hearth & Home, Inc. specializes in fireplace inserts for traditional fireplace locations. Our products offer all the benefits of a wood-burning fireplace without any of the drawbacks. We can design, manufacture, and install any custom insert you can imagine, and our professionals will be happy to provide you with an insert of almost any kind, including gas, electric stove, and wood-burning models. All are available in a range of styles and designs.


For more information about remodeling your existing fireplace with our custom inserts, or to schedule your personalized fireplace estimate with us, please call Pacific Hearth & Home, Inc. at 916-852-1814. You can also stop by our beautiful 2,500-square-foot showroom to explore our extensive range of offerings in person.