Let Us Light the Spark

A fireplace does more than provide warmth. It ties any room together, and gives you and your guests something to talk about. A custom mantle or fireplace is a reflection of your unique style and taste. Shouldn’t it be exactly what you’ve always dreamed of?

With Pacific Hearth & Home, it can be!

Our company is THE premier residential resource you should always turn to when you want your fireplace done right. Our experts will provide you with the right ambiance, look, feel, and functionality when we design, manufacture, and install your gas fireplace, and give you something you’ll truly love. With Pacific Hearth & Home, you get the ease and convenience of an artistic, custom-designed fireplace without the mess and maintenance a wood hearth demands!

An Array of Fireplace Options

When you work with Pacific Hearth & Home, you get a broad range of design options to match your interior. We work with a wide assortment of materials – granite, marble, and more – and always provide the highest-quality craftsmanship you want for your installation, so that it stands the test of time.

Looking for elegance in your mantle or hearth? Pacific Hearth & Home is a company with a strong artistic background and experience. We will use all of our skills to fabricate your fireplace down to the smallest detail, and give you the stylish custom fireplace creation you’ve always envisioned.

For more information about our fireplace installations, or to schedule your own personalized fireplace estimate with us, call Pacific Hearth & Home at 916-852-1814.