Fireplace Mantels in Rancho Cordova, CA

Adding a fireplace to a room projects both warmth and style. At Pacific Hearth & Home, we offer a variety of different mantel styles to fit any home’s aesthetic. Our professional installation ensures beautiful and skillful results when installing your fireplace.

Types of Fireplace Mantels

Homeowners have lots options when choosing the type of fireplace mantel they wish to install. Mantels can be constructed out of many different materials, including stone, tile, wood, brick, marble, steel, and copper. The material chosen often depends on the styling or decor in the home or room.

Mantels can be minimalist in design, or they may be oversized, extending out past both sides of the fireplace. Some designs combine materials such as stone with wood or metal for a unique texture. Others use reclaimed materials such as barn wood, which is a popular way to add a rustic flare.

Benefits of a Professionally-Installed Fireplace

Fireplace mantels are large and heavy; requiring expertise to position and secure above a fireplace. Placement is crucial to ensure the correct centering and height above the fireplace opening, which is necessary for aesthetic appeal and to prevent unsafe fire hazards.

Materials such as marble and brick require special tools for a secure installation that won't damage the surrounding area. Professional installation is of particular importance when choosing a salvaged antique piece. Antiques are typically narrower than today's fireplaces and require retrofitting to ensure fire safety.

Pacific Hearth & Home offers an extensive inventory of fireplace mantels to fit any budget and personal taste. Our professional team is ready to assist with all areas of installation.

For more information about a new fireplace mantel for your home, or to schedule your own individual estimate with us, please call Pacific Hearth & Home at 916-852-1814.