Top-quality Outdoor Heater Options

An outdoor heater from Pacific Hearth & Home, Inc. can significantly improve your backyard experience. Our dedicated staff will help you find the heater that is most suitable for your space, as well as your budget.

The Perfect Yard, Year Round

Change the way you enjoy the outdoors with an outdoor heater. In states with warmer climates, our heating units help you to stay consistently comfortable, especially during unexpected cold fronts, cool evenings, and cold days. If you happen to live in a colder state, our heaters allow you to enjoy your backyard space for an extra two or three months each year.

The quality heaters in our selection are made by some of the best manufacturers on the market, including Heat & Glo and Fireplace Xtrordinair. Our inventory features everything from natural gas and propane to electric heater options, allowing you to control the type of fuel you use and to what degree. You can also choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

How Do Outdoor Heaters Work?

In order for an outdoor heater to work properly, the fuel source must be burned. It is then amplified through special heat directors, enabling it to warm a specific area. Instead of a fan, the heater uses radiant heat, just like the sun, but without the harm of ultraviolet rays. As the biting cold is removed, a comfortable pocket of warm air is created that can be used for eating and entertaining.

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