Quality Fire Pit Design and Installation in Rancho Cordova, CA

Bring your outdoor space to life with a stylish and functional backyard fire pit from Pacific Hearth & Home! Whether you're making s'mores on family night, or adding an elegant touch to an outdoor dinner party, our products make your moments more memorable.

Four Reasons You Need a Fire Pit

There's something alluring about a warm, crackling fire, but these functional outdoor features are much more than attractive accessories. Our fire pits:

  • Improve Year-Round Outdoor Comfort - a roaring flame is the perfect way stay warm on chilly evenings, and it helps ward off mosquitoes in the summer.
  • Extend Your Living Space - functional landscaping features expand the comfort and beauty of your home into the outdoors. The right fire pit turns the backyard into your home's premier location for entertainment and relaxation.
  • Create Instant Ambiance - spark some romance with a fireside view of the sunset, or liven up your next backyard gathering.
  • Increase Home Value - The American Society of Landscape Architects continuously names fire features as one of the most popular and desirable outdoor design elements.

Choosing the Right Model

There are several types of fire pits available; making it easy to find one that suits your home, personality, and budget.

Fire bowls offer budget-friendly solutions that recreate the casual feel of a campfire. The low-sitting, somewhat portable design is ideal for a small backyard or occasional usage.

Patio fire pits lack portability, but they're excellent options for small spaces. These ground-level features integrate into the surrounding hardscape for instant year-round warmth and excitement.

Tabletop features serve as stunning focal points in larger outdoor spaces, and comfortable seating often surrounds them. Some feature sleek metallic finishes, while others sit inside custom stone or stucco enclosures.

Our fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are available in both modern and traditional styles.

Installing Your New Fire Pit

Visit Pacific Hearth & Home's extensive showroom in Rancho Cordova to browse our diverse collection of fire pits. Our experienced staff members are always on hand to help you choose the best model, and our in-house design team and talented craftsmen take care of the rest.

For more information concerning our fire pit inventory, or to schedule your own personal installation estimate, please call Pacific Hearth & Home at 916-852-1814.