The Perfect Yard, Year Round


An outdoor heater from Pacific Hearth & Home can change the way you enjoy the outdoors! In warmer states, you get a consistent way to stay comfortable, even throughout the cooler nights. In colder states, you get an extra 2 to 3 months of usage with the radiant heat they produce. It’s a win/win!

At Pacific Hearth & Home, we offer a broad variety of outdoor heaters to all of our clients in the Sacramento area. From natural gas and propane to electric heaters, you can control the type of fuel you use, and to what degree! Better still, our heaters come from the best manufacturers in the industry, and all in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. You can match them all to your décor!

How Do Outdoor Heaters Work?

The fuel source is burned for the heater and then amplified through special heat directors, so it warms a specific area. The heater uses radiant heat (instead of a fan), just like the sun, without the harm of ultraviolet rays. As it removes the biting cold from this specific area, it creates a comfortable pocket of warm air you can use for eating, entertaining, or whatever you choose!

You’ve invested time and money into renovating your outdoor space. Let your loved ones enjoy it by installing the very best outdoor heaters in the business from Pacific Hearth & Home!

For the best outdoor heaters in the business, or to schedule your own personalized on-site estimate with us, please call Pacific Hearth & Home at 916-852-1814.